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, while somewhat esoteric, were introduced to combat specific issues developers encounter with the framework.

And each will come to be invaluable APIs to the serious Core Data developer.

You’d be hard pressed to meet a Cocoa developer who is completely ambivalent to the topic. I believe that Apple has made significant improvements to the framework each year.

This year was no exception, as two highly specialized APIs were introduced.

I'm doing a app with 3 Activities, when I run the apk to test, the first activity runs fine in portrait mode and landscape mode, but the second and the third one runs a little wonky, so I created a ...

I am trying to create an animation where the yellow dot and green line move due to the change in b as it run through the for loop.

In this first installment, we will be tackling the .

In light of this, its typically best to avoid using a batch update request on properties that reference other has a merge policy, as you can potentially introduce a merge conflict.

Because of this, you can inadvertently introduce bad data into your store.

Furthermore, your bad data could go unnoticed until the next time your user makes a modification preventing them from being able to save.

(Note: All tests were run using XCode 6 Beta 7, along with the i Phone 5s Simulator on a late-2013 Mac Book Pro.) In additon to speed considerations, memory usage on the batch update side is significantly lower.

By monitoring the heap size in Xcode, we can observe a batch update increasing the memory footprint by only a few MBs during the fetch.

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