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No real re-play value, however, the first time through it great. I kinda wish there was more more interaction with some of the girls and not all of them were the same kind of fuck.

Click here, Click there is great, but gets old quick.

It is easy, but some of the fun for me was seeing what they would say if you put in the wrong conversation.

It was nice not having to continually restart from choosing the wrong one. It`s funny browsing the PF1 diamonds and realizing that I have already played almost all of those games.

Dear m`n`f designers that is your masterpiece Very simple plot but at least there is one, one click straight game, simple, quite pleasant to run through once.

Graphics are decent, classic Mn F gameplay, sex scenes aren`t long but there is multiple girls to go for and you won`t be able to finish the game without doing them all (even trying to hit on the right one).

Thats the best game i `ve ver played..i played lots of this stuff.

This game has been around for awhile and I have played in on another site. Take that thing off." "Fuck that, you`ll do everything I say." "That`s just too bad, I`m far from finished with you." "Whatever I say so you might as well get used to it." "I can. Next Take out your cellphone and start taking pictures of this wondrous event. Take a chance and push the door open a little more. "Get on the bed." "Get on your back, bitch, I`m your boss now." "Sure, now shut up and spread your legs." "You want it, we just needed a reason now show me your pussy." "Touch yourself." "Spread your legs wide." "Wider." "Do the splits." "Rub yourself." "Get on your hands and knees." "Turn around and show me your ass." "Then I`ll just go email your father pics of his daughter naked with her childhood friend." "You`ll keep going.Worth to run it once, but I would not go back to it a second time. This game is pretty good although it can get long and sometimes boring at times.There is the same technique used to get each girl to have sex.

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