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He looks surprised but seems happy to talk – I mean we spin out a conversation about ties for five minutes.

I don’t really know where to go from there, plus I’m getting off in two stops.

It was time to see if, in the words of the late 90s boyband, I could find Love On The Northern Line.

He’s wearing a cool leather cuff so I do my best Regina George impression – ‘OMG I love your cuff, where did you get it?I’ve given myself one rule – to only chat up men I would date. This works well because I have to smile for the pictures and, as he asks if they’re ok, I hear he has an accent.I ask where he’s from and we discuss Sicily before his Tube arrives. Notting Hill Gate to Bond Street – Central Line After catching his eye and smiling, I talk to an attractive guy reading Metro.I feign stupidity and ask if he’s got wifi down here.We end up having a 10 minute conversation about wifi and Dorset, where he works as a surveyor.

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Perfect – I love the theatre, so we’ve got tons to talk about.

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