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For him, that means accepting the fact that he can't always maintain the same pace as his partner as they walk through the streets of New York, despite having once jogged together at an even pace.For many couples with MS, it means being up front about problems of sexual dysfunction, which affect up to 80% of all adults with MS.

"He was completely offended that I would hide it from him. Subsequently, he didn't want to date me anymore," Mullis tells Web MD. "As I've matured, I've become more comfortable with myself and who I am, and sometimes I've told people on the first date.

"Most people have inhibitions when it comes to talking about sex.

In our country, sex is either framed as pornographic or highly medicalized.

I also date people significantly more mature and educated," Mullis says.

She also admits to having a different view of dating, which she attributes to both a growing maturity and an acceptance of herself as someone who has MS.

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Despite the high incidence of sexual dysfunction among adults with MS, experts say it's often reversible.

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  1. The couple were rarely photographed together and made a point of never discussing their personal relationship.'I'll say this - the media wasn't invited to my marriage, and they're definitely not invited into the divorce,' says Ryan, who clearly disliked the publicity his high profile relationship received.