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The mediums claimed that they were intermediaries between the living and the dead, and employed a number of techniques to convince their (living) followers that they had such abilities.One of these was known as ‘table turning’, which involved a table that moved or knocked on the floor in response to letters from the alphabet being called out.

Spiritualism gave rise to a group of people known as mediums.He basically created the board as a parlor game with the mystical theme that the Victorian people still went crazy for, a way for single men and women to touch knees and hold hands (and possibly more) under the board, which was placed on a cloth (there are specific directions stamped into the back of some of the first boards that explain this); while doing this in a dark room, they could ask questions that they couldn't ask in "polite company", and talk freely in a time when this was not allowed (any "improper talk" could be blamed on spirits lol).Some people may have used it like a divination tool, but most used it as a way to grope each other and chat- it was a Victorian Grindr lol....The negative stigma of the board has been attached to it by fearfull people.To me this is a matter of expectaion and preception.

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There were some serious problems with these two common methods which purportedly communicated with the dead.

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