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He reminded himself."Our friendship is different than what she has with her other friends.

He had never been accused of doing such a thing or anything close to it and he was highly offended..

Usagi lay in her bed watching her and waiting to see what she would say. She didn't know how he would react to that but it couldn't be good and she knew that he would need to work with the girls, and that included Rei, if he was going to find his princess and his identity."I really have to find out what Mamoru was thinking, but that wasn't the reason I came back up here." Rei said with a huff and continued on, not pausing to give Usagi a chance to write anything.

Rei finally walked over to her side and stared down at her with an angry frown."Did Mamoru Yes. She wrote and held out the notebook for her to take. Or was she just refusing to touch anything that was hers? Not that she would have read it if she had."I've been thinking about your role as a senshi since it's become clear that you would be needed to change those who had a rainbow crystal back into a human." She said as she began to pace around the room."We'll just call you for those until we find someone else to pick up your slack.

He looked around the kitchen as if looking for an exit. And when he thought about it that way it was kind of true. Tsukino was the easy professor and he had been able to do well on her assignment- answering her questions, taking care of her daughter, having strong feelings for her daughter- and now he was about to face the hard professor. I didn't want anyone else to know until I had your approval to try and start a relationship with her." He said desperately, hoping to sway the man's opinion of him and keep him from revealing their secret to her friends.

She was frowning angrily as she breathed quickly, grimacing in pain as she held her throat with a hand and watched Rei storm out of her room.

He paused in front of the door and looked at Mamoru for a long moment before greeting his wife and asking who Mamoru was."Good evening Mr. He would do it if it allowed him to be around his girlfriend without having to sneak around.

I'm a friend of Usagi's." He said respectfully after getting to his feet and looking the older man straight in the eye."A friend? So at least let me be around to be her friend and her mine.""I'm not much of a people person and Usagi is one of the few people I call friend." He practically begged.

She wondered how the next two talks would go, or even if there would be two.

She wouldn't put it past Rei to not come apologize, and she honestly wasn't sure how she felt about that.

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