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This procedure is often used for complex contracts such as large infrastructure projects where the public authority cannot define the technical specifications at the start.

After the publication of the contract notice, interested businesses have 37 days to request participation.

For public works contracts they may also include tests, inspection and construction techniques.

In an open procedure any business may submit a tender.

The public authority must invite at least 3 candidates to a dialogue in which the final technical, legal and economic aspects are defined.

After this dialogue candidates submit their final tenders.

The invitation to participate in the auction must state the date and time of the auction and the number of bidding rounds.

It should also set out the formula that will determine the automatic rankings.

For all tenders, public authorities: For EU countries that do not use the euro, the following thresholds apply, in local currencies.If you have not been selected, you are entitled to a detailed explanation of why your tender was rejected.The public authority must observe strict confidentiality regarding the exchange and storage of your data.The public authority then selects at least 5 candidates with the required capabilities, who then have 40 days to submit a tender from the date when the invitation was sent.This time limit can be reduced to 36 days, if a prior information notice has been published.

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