Patchwise updater main file updating failed

From a new SSIS project in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDS), add a new Data Flow Task to the Control Flow tab and rename “Insert and Update Records.” Next we are going to create a Data Flow to query both the Excel Source File and the database table via OLE DB Source. We can then create a left outer join in order to determine which rows are new and which need only updating.

We will use the conditional split function to determine if the ID is Null in the “Emp” table.

Also, Agnes Perez was recently married and has since changed her Last Name to Perez-Smith.

I named the Excel File "Rows to add and " What we plan to do in the procedure is create new records in the “Emp” table and update existing records in the same table.

Pra quem não conseguiu instalar a versão 7.6 aqui está a solução!

Using SQL Server ETL to Insert New Records and/or Update existing records.

Once you have downloaded the patch file, do the following to apply the update: We can only provide a minimal degree of support regarding the use of the patch file updates.

Drag the Excel Source to the Data Flow window and configure it to access your Excel Source file.

Now drag the OLE DB Source to the same window and configure it to access your “Emp” table from the Database.

This is the “Emp” table I created in my Running Totals Database.

I created the following fields and populated with 5 records: Next, I created an Excel Spreadsheet with a list of New Employees and a couple employees with Department Changes.

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