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"Noblemen and their elder sons did not come over, but we must remember how many of the younger sons of noblemen were educated for the bar, for the medical profession and the pulpit, and turned adrift on the world, to seek their own living without any patrimony.

Some of those and many more of their enterprising descendants came to the New World, especially to Virginia, in search of fortune and honor and found it here.

Some dainty idlers with a little high blood came over with Captain Smith at first, and more of the high-minded cavaliers after the execution of Charles I; but Virginia did not suit them well enough to attract and retain great numbers.

Those who came over to this country, poor, ignorant and dependent, had few opportunities of elevating themselves, as has been happily the case since our independence by reason of the multiplication of school and colleges, and all the means of wealth which are now opened to us.These were people of affairs, people who owned land and slaves (a great consideration in that day), and left the impress of their characters on succeeding generations. The majority of our forefathers were "tillers of the soil" Surely we should not be ashamed of it, especially when Pliny relates, in his Natural History, in what high honor agriculture was held in the early days of Rome, when the highest compliment was to call a man a good agriculturist or a good husbandman; how the rural tribes held the foremost rank while those of the city had discredit thrown upon them as being an indolent race.In characterizing one generation after another, we must compare the work to the woof in the web, for the cross threads will always make flaws. It was after slaves became plentiful and were extensively employed in all departments of industry that labor became to be regarded as servile.The man who had land wanted more land; the man who owned slaves wanted more slaves; and the man who inherited or made money wanted to increase it, "not to hide it in a hedge," perhaps, nor for riotous living, but for that "glorious privilege of being independent." It is the love of money, not the possession, that is the root of all evil.Money in the possession of some people is a dangerous and fatal power.

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CHAPTER IX Families Among the earliest and most prominent citizens of Halifax were the Crews, Sydnors, Andersons, Adkinsons and Adkissons, Bennetts, Baileys, Carters, Dickinsons, Tuckers, Manns, Sims, Marables, Vaughans, Wests, Ryburns, Harrises, Harrisons, Wilsons, Hundleys, Hankins, Holts, Hills, Hancocks, Woodings, Waltons, Halls, Echols, Robertsons, Nicholds. D., states in the National Geographic Magazine, we would feel disheartened as to the purity of any blood, for he says in no uncertain language, that "after the barbaric invasions" in the early centuries, "there existed no such thing as an unmixed race, nor does any such thing exist now.

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