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This was a savage punishment meted to errant schoolboys. A consistent pattern of physical abuse exists that generally start as corporal punishment and then gets out of control.In another version, they were hung upside down over red chillies, which were lit. Head master himself wielded the cane in the general assembly. As the child grows, the depression or violence in them gradually develops.Kodandam was one such practice in vogue a generation ago. This study revealed that the children whose parents use corporal punishment to control antisocial behaviour show more antisocial behaviour themselves over a long period of time.Kodandam means hanging errant boys upside down and thrashing. This is regardless of race, socio-economic status and regardless of whether the mother provides cognitive stimulation and emotional support. The child is an abridged adult with rights which cannot be abridged. The child observes, thinks and imitates or reacts to happenings around. Either at home or school, the child is subjected to disciplinary practices while, child should be part of those processes. The communication through teaching is imparting education. Receiver knows and develops to receive the communication. But at the same time it may result in making child a positive person or a person with character diametrically opposite to what he has seen. If an English medium students talks in Telugu, he or she will be made to write, "I do not speak in Telugu" for fifty to hundred times, a mental punishment too.If the indiscipline of the child could be complained, ascertained and responded to, where is the way to find and establish the indiscipline of the adults. To attain wisdom, an abundant amount of common sense has to be added to education, which then includes discipline. Dhruv emerges an unbiased king, after he becomes victim of bias of his father and step mother. Emotional consequences of unilateral disciplining processes: Neither the religion nor the parenthood provided any legal authority physically injure the children for their so called 'indiscipline' and to enforce morality and character.Another teacher takes the wrongdoing child along with him or her to each class of different year as per schedule to further inflict insult. Kinds of Punishments In Schools There are three types of corporal punishments in schools. Making the children stand as a wall chair (Goda Kurchee in Telugu), 2. If a child is battered or bullied for talking, his anger may make him an introvert, probably a thinker with less initiative, and to withdraw from groups and companies and can be branded as shy person.

Children not only carry overload of text books and note books on their tender backs, but bear the brunt of canes for silly reasons like sox not matching the shoe or lace not being property knotted. The children might begin to believe that it is good to use violence.

The corporal punishment interferes with the right to development and participation as it leads to antisocial behaviour.

The theme of Child Rights Convention, that an adult should recognize the child as the person which means promoting their liberty, privacy and dignity.

The brutal disciplinary processes hampers psychological growth of a person.

Two Schools of Thought: Then the question is why do the parents or teachers punish children?

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