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For the past several decades, the two factions have lived side-by-side but pretty much avoided contact, according to a 2012 thesis by Southern Utah University graduate student Michael K.

So it's a very mutual relationship." Richard’s wives, Ling discovered, turned out to be in agreement. We wanted to," explained one, who noted that nothing prevented them from leaving if they became unhappy.

Ultimately, after allegations of child abuse and other misconduct inside FLDS, law enforcement officials again went after the polygamists.

In 2011, FLDS leader Jeffs was convicted of sexually assaulting two underage girls, and sentenced to life in prison.

In Europe, however, the classical Greeks and Romans established monogamy as the legal norm--though in both societies, men still were allowed to have plural relationships with female slaves) —and it’s stayed that way ever since.

It was in America that plural marriage first reemerged in western culture.

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