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Communicate that taking items of nominal value amounts to theft and is a disciplinable offense.You may open some eyes to the fact that what they're doing is wrong, and other eyes to the notion that you're on to them and consequences are in the offing.HR wears many hats, one of the most important being keeping your organization out of court.An equally important—and related—hat is smoothing out the "people problems" that inevitably arise in any organization.

If his complaints have merit, take the opportunity to fix the problem before others are affected.

She wears headphones, so she doesn't disturb those around her, but because she constantly has them on, she is difficult to communicate with.

Solution: Listening to music at work is a privilege, not a right, so you can impose restrictions for the good of your business operations.

Whether advising managers on how to rein in their difficult employees, or having the problem thrown right in your lap, you must be prepared to effectively manage a host of personnel issues. And we're all aware that unhappy workers pose the greatest threat of an employment lawsuit.

Effective means helping the employees overcome their issues. Here's useful advice on how best to solve common , which you can also pass on to managers who seek your guidance (or who throw an uncomfortable situation your way, so you can hand it back to them—tactfully).

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