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Finally, there is the public outcry that drones are intruding their privacy.

Unless the craft owner is malicious enough to fly it over your homestead and take pictures, most hobbyists find pleasure in defying the forces of gravity, by flying the crafts in high altitudes.

Between 19, only 12 bird strikes that caused human fatalities have been reported in the US.

In addition, birds fly in fleets, and it’s rare to find a bird fly into a building, let alone a manned aircraft.

But this does not entirely rule out that drones pose some danger to humans and property in the long run.

The now world-famous 'Northampton Clown' told the Northampton Chronicle and Echo that his appearances around the town were "a bit of harmless fun".

They are said to pose risk to property and human lives by intruding the countries’ national air space.

We cannot entirely dispute these claims, but some of these threats mentioned have no real evidence and here is why.

Our smartphones and other portable gadgets, like digital cams, if used for malicious purposes, are enough to violet one’s privacy.

This logic has to be applied to the use of drones by the public.

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