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Excellent long finish on chlorophyll, oranges and pepper, with also something slightly mustardy.I’d have loved to try this one at 20/25 years of age. A very rare version, probably distilled around 1959 and before. Nose: we’re closer to the Samaroli now, although there’s less OBE despite the fact that it was bottled at the same time, roughly.Lots of presence and strictly no tiredness despite the old age and the 43%.Sure it gets more seriously tannic after a moment but, again, never really drying this time.But like the old man he does manage to piss almost everyone off big-time, which is perhaps the intention of this alienating stuff.It’s nasty, brutish, and not very short, but either way, the audience isn’t going anywhere.Mouth: very close to the 1958 but with a little more zing this time and a slightly thicker body.

Once sinister, he now holds all the threat and menace of an arm-waving crazed old man at a wind-swept bus stop on a deserted South Shields sea-shore.

It all starts with quite some wax and metal polish (Old Clynelish anyone?

) mixed with tangerines and bitter oranges, getting then temporarily very mineral (wet stones after a first rain). Mouth: excellent attack, both citrusy and minty, with again a slight waxiness and something pleasingly bitter (‘green’ spices). Keeps developing on different kinds of mint (drops, chewing gum, tea) and gains body and assertiveness, even if I wouldn’t say it does not get a little too tannic on the back of your tongue now.

Mouth: much better now, fruitier, more on fresh orange juice, peat and pepper. Lots of oomph, though, more than with all previous ones, which proves that twist caps work beautifully.

It gets better and better with time but not enough to compensate the rather weird nose. The oldest won, it was probably the freshest, at 46yo! this is very "wow", it's Andrew Bird and his Oh so insistent.mp3 (from his 1997 album 'Music of Hair').

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