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PLACE --------------------------------------- AFOSI Det 1700, Kirtland AFB, NM NOW RECEIVED Yes in person SOURCE OF EVALUATION Major Ernest E.Edwards RESIDENCE OR BUSINESS ADDRESS PHONE Commander, 1608 SPS, Manzano 4-7516 Kirtland AFB, NM CR 44 APPLIES ------------------------------------------------------------------------- REMARKS SUMMARY OF INFORMATION 1.Doty began his US Air Force career in 1968 and first trained for the Air Force Security Police and later moved on to other security related positions.He joined the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) in 1979 and retired in 1988.He attempted to radio for backup patrol but his radio would not work.As he approached the object on foot armed with a shotgun, the object took off in a vertical direction at a high rate of speed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTINUED FROM COMPLAL FORM 1, DTD 9 Sept 80 5.Thus they are significant given Dotys former position as an intelligence agent assigned to UFO investigations.--------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPLAINT FORM ADMINISTRATIVE DATA TITLE DATE TIME --------------- ------ KIRTLAND AFB, NM, 8 Aug - 3 Sep 2 - 9 Sept 80 1200 80 Alleged Sighting of Unidentified Aerial Lights in Restricted Test Range.

AFOSI Dist 17 advised the patrolman to make a report through his own agency. On 8 Sept 80, WRITER learned from Sandia Security that another Security guard observed a object land near an alarmed structure sometime during the first week of August, but did not report it until justrecently for fear of harassment. The two alarmed structures located within the area contain HQ CR 44 material.Dotys testimony is most revealing since much of it is based on a number of first hand experiences concerning classified information as opposed to the hearsay testimonies of others.Hearsay testimony is easy to manipulate in the hands of skilled intelligence agents participating in an officially sanctioned deception program aimed at misleading researchers, witnesses and the general public over UFOs.However, after a careful check, it was later determined that no test were being conducted in the canyon area.Department of Energy, Air Force Weapons Laboratory and DNA were contacted but assured that their agencies were not responsible. On 13 Aug 80, Base Security Police conducted a physical check of the area but because of the mountainous terrain, a thorough check could not be completed at that time.

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