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At best, it is more art than porn, but at worst you will stumble across it without warning in furry literature or events, sometimes displayed openly and unashamedly.#UKFurry lifestyling describes furry behaviour that extends beyond merely liking the artwork and espousing a love of the animal world.

A furry usually has an empathy for a particular animal or animals in general, and will either in (virtual reality; on the net) exhibit characteristics of an animal.

What this means can differ from person to person; from answering the phone with a "miaow" to decorating themselves with full body paint and fake teeth.

Furry is not based on any particular philosophy or rationál, but on a person's external behaviour, so that no matter what your beliefs are about animals and humans you will still fit in as long as you can behave in an acceptable way.Many simply behave in an eccentric way and have no visible furry adornments.There are many types of animal, many types of person and many types of furry.Some furry lifestylers are art fans who choose to wear a collar when with other furries.When furries get together many modes of behavior emerge.

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