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“Someone please help me.”***De’Marchoe Carpenter and Malcolm Scott were 17 years old when Tulsa police arrested them in connection to a gang-related shooting that killed 19-year-old Karen Summers, the mother of a 4-month-old baby, outside a house party on Sept. Neither teen was found with the murder weapon or the getaway car.

Their fingerprints weren’t found on the gun, and cops never checked for their prints inside the vehicle, a maroon Ford Taurus. Two eyewitnesses who placed them at the scene, and who provided inconsistent statements to investigators, later recanted.

They didn’t see the outside world again for almost 22 years, until May 9, 2016, when a judge ruled they’d been wrongfully convicted.

Prosecutors offered Wilson—who was arrested weeks after the Summers drive-by—a plea deal in exchange for testifying against Carpenter and Scott. While he was free, he brutally butchered Richard Yost, a night clerk at a Tulsa convenience store in February 1995.

Meanwhile, one day after Summers’ death, a Tulsa homicide supervisor visited Michael Lee Wilson, a known member of the Bloods, at his mother’s home.

(Both Alverson and Harjo provided written statements confessing to being in the vehicle as well.)And when Wilson was strapped to the gurney to die for his crimes, he used his last words to set the record straight: “Malcolm Scott and De’Marchoe Carpenter are innocent,” Wilson declared minutes before his execution.The cop found Wilson with a Lorcin pistol—the same gun that killed Summers—and the maroon Ford Taurus.Wilson had the murder weapon, the car, and the motive. Instead, Tulsa cops seemed determined to put Carpenter and Scott away for the crime.Many disturbing questions remain about their convictions.Why did the police never suspect Wilson was the shooter?

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