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So companies that are perhaps looking for a methodology with a broader coverage might look for DSDM for guidance and things like feasibility.And so that’s why some companies use it, it’s a better fit for their organizational structure.There was a number of companies in the UK who had been using James Martin’s RAD approaches, some elements of that worked, like the feedback loop shortening of prototyping and then getting that feedback, that was working really well, however building prototypes in throw away tools that were more front ends and things and then having to go re-implement in the final language, it wasn’t working so well, it gave the impression the solution was near complete but then you had to explain “no, this is just smoke and mirrors, this is just a UI and we actually have to go build this, maturely”.

”, DSDM lifecycle coverage is much broader, so it has elements in there for project feasibility and other roles like architecture.And for a number of years I’d suggested titles such as Agile as a replacement for the PMBOK or The PMBOK is wrong, you need to be doing Agile, I don’t know why I was so slow in learning, but those papers never got accepted and it wasn’t until 2004 when I wised up and did this Agile alongside the PMBOK that I got accepted and presented that and then they asked me to create a two day training class as part of their Seminars World training program, so for the last six or seven years I’ve been teaching that Agile Project Management for the PMI. For most people that maybe are looking into going into project management, maybe not even in an Agile world but obviously that’s the people who will be watching this, why would they choose PMI over Prince2, I mean certainly from what I’ve seen, countries tend to focus on other ones, me being from Australia we tend to find governments go one way and companies go the other, but what would be the main reason for choosing one or the other?I think it’s probably organizational acceptance, so if your company is following Prince2 guidance or you are doing work for clients that are Prince2 in their project management, then you probably go that way, whereas if you are a more of a PMI shop then you go that way.So, just before I go on to where that’s been going, one thing I have always been curious about is that if you look at Scrum in particular there is no mention of the project manager at all, they tend to think that the Scrum Master and the Product Owner are the only roles you need.What’s the thought people like you or practitioners in the project management community about that, how would a Scrum team, someone who is doing pure Scrum, then take on project management? Originally, at least in Scrum you just had the Scrum Master that maybe like a technical lead, and I have worked with projects where we have technical leads that perform that role and that’s great and then as you scale those teams, typically you need somebody to act as a coordinator between them or as a bit of a conduit to business and different stakeholders and that maybe where the project manager role fits more in.

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The real answer I think is that there’s half a million PMP project managers and they didn’t have a lot of guidance from the PMI in terms of “well, my team wants to do Agile, I still got my job as a project manager, how do I reconcile their requests with my obligations to be effective or successful project manager?

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