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Mariam Khan, councillor for Washwood Heat in Birmingham, said polygamy was originally allowed to provide help, shelter and support for women who had lost their husbands, perhaps through war.She said in the current climate it has been abused and has become disrespectful to women.

As holding firm to religious convictions and conduct keeps communication relating to the genders into a base.

"It is not for everyone – some men are not physically, or financially, capable of taking care of other women." Speaking to the newspaper he stressed that polygamy is not just confined to the Muslim faith.

"Two hundred years ago, there were British viceroys who had seven or eight wives.

"It is not acceptable and puts individuals very much at risk, it puts them at a huge disadvantage.

"They think they are doing the right thing, but it does put them at risk in terms of the financial situation." The MP said it was a concern that they have emerged at a time when an increasing number of Muslim relationships are breaking down.

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