Dating lucite jewelry

caricature of Texas Rangers player wearing large cowboy hat and carrying his RANGERS travel bags with bats sticking out of them.

Signed by the artist, Harold Maples of the Fort-Worth Star Telegram.

Illustration of father and son sitting and listening to game - with baseball illustration of Yankee batter (although not stated - is definitely Babe Ruth) about to swing; it is captioned THE BASES ARE FULL.

16.50 1940 PAUL DERRINGER testimonial ad for White Owl Cigars.

95.00 Original newspaper Sports Page Cartoon artwork.

Signed by the artist, Deore, from the Dallas Evening News.

full color endorsement store sign for Chesterfield Cigarettes.

double page; full color for National Youth Sales Club. He is shown talking to other players in 4 panel strip; discussing the merits of CAMEL Cigarettes.

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Photo of him in upper right; says JIMMY FOXX; BOSTON voted American League's Most Valuable Player in 1938.

Great Sunday newspaper comic strip endorsement ad for Camel Cigarettes. Shrunkwrap with heavy cardboard backing to keep it safe and sound.

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