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He doesn’t like the bureaucracy any more than the Veterans waiting for their claims decisions, but he and his colleagues follow the rules very closely and do their jobs as quickly and as efficiently as possible.After visiting with Chris I went to the first floor where I sat with the Public Contact Office.Glenda, the team leader, introduced me to a new RVSR who had recently been promoted.Again, I was astounded by the amount of paper that surrounded him in his cube.There I met Sheila and Dan who sit down with Veterans from the area one on one to help them with any issues they have.

He told me about his job, which is to review the Fast Track claims that are coming through the system.

I thought there would be one or two VA employees who weren’t so good at processing claims that would have stacks and stacks and stacks of paper surrounding them while the rest had empty desks and were playing Minesweeper and surfing the web. Each Veteran who submits a claim has at least, three folders that make up their total claim.

As Alan led me first through the rows of cubes occupied by employees who rate claims (who looked like they were going to, at any moment, be crushed by the huge folders surrounding them on their desks) we chatted in hushed voices so as not to disturb them.

Dan and Sheila worked patiently and attentively with these Veterans-–and I was impressed.

Finally, Alan took me to meet an RVSR, the people who determine the rating.

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