Dataset updating row

Financial institutions like banks are computerized. A bank may store data of its customers on a central computer.

This would include details such as the full-name of the customer, his residential address, his social security number, his contact details and his account number.

This scheme of representing characters and data in mainframe computers is called Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC).

Every character occupies storage of one byte space in computer memory.

Because, we use 8 bits to store a character, a total of 2^8 = 256 patterns are possible.

Characters like A, B, C,..., Z are formed with 8 bits called as Bytes.

Further positional and keyword arguments will be used for parameter binding.

To include a positional argument in your query, use question marks in the query (i.e.

A query can either be a plain text string, or a SQLAlchemy expression.

If a plain string is passed in, it will be converted to an expression automatically.

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