Black girl dating white guys 20

I have never been the girl who limited the offerings on the menu when it comes to dating.I have always been an equal opportunity scout and my pledge was and still is to find the guy who respects and loves me just the way I am.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about that but it got me thinking about what black girls imagine when they consider dating a white guy.

I have dated a few of them myself, and based on my experience, I can say that it’s not that much different from dating guys within my own race but there are a few exceptions.

White guys tend to be a lot more adventurous and spontaneous.

My parents want nothing but the best for me and are happy to accept anyone that brings joy to my life.

I know, it’s shocking, but my parents want the best for me. Just because I also love white guys does not mean that I have anything against the chocolate loveliness that is blackness. No, a single black man did not “ruin” me, making me turn to other races, and no, I don’t think black is whack.

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