Best airlines for accommodating disabilities tips dating someone 10 years older

Request a specific seat in advance such as the bulkhead seat (first row in a section) if needed for wheelchair transfer, a physical condition, or for your service animal.

Be aware that not all seats have moveable armrests.

Our reservations agents will be happy to discuss your specific requirements when you call.

Should you require transfer assistance at a connecting point, let us know so we can arrange for a wheelchair to be available when you arrive.

Ask for the name and position of each person you speak with and record this information. Arrive at the airport one hour earlier than normally advised.The logistics of overseas travel can be a challenge, even for the most intrepid traveler with a disability.Experience is an effective teacher to help you learn strategies for handling flights, customs procedures, and other aspects of entering a foreign country. companies like taxis and airport shuttles offer this service free of charge.Allow at least 90 minutes between connecting flights (or longer if required to pass through immigration and customs during a layover) in order to ensure enough time to transfer between gates.Try to investigate the layout and access features of all of the airports along your route even if you’re only expecting a short layover and consider possible contingency plans if access is unavailable.

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This will allow time for accommodations to be made and avoid delays through security.

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