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The exception in West Africa is Ghana, where 65% feel they can change things. Overall, people are more likely to define themselves by their nationality than by their local area, religion or region, although there are significant variations.Opinions across Europe differed greatly on what was most important: nationality, local area, religion, region (ie Europe) or ethnic group.But significant numbers in industrialised countries such as Italy (14%), Spain (13%), and Canada (11%) had also discussed it.

Next in line are religious leaders (25%) - followed by the military, business leaders and journalists (all 20%).

Poverty thus emerged as the most serious perceived global problem for the second year in succession.

Majorities in all but four of the countries polled rated corruption as a very serious problem, with Brazilians (96%), Egyptians (91%), Colombians (88%), Filipinos (87%) and Kenyans (86%) most likely to rate it as very serious; but it was also rated among the most serious issues in China (73%), the USA (68%), Russia (67%) and India (66%).

Education and money clearly talk - the better educated and those on higher incomes felt more able to influence their destiny.

On average 37% of West Africans - people living in Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and Togo - think they can make changes.

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The results are drawn from a survey of 13,353 adult citizens across 26 countries and the poll was commissioned by the BBC to understand which global issues those surveyed consider most serious.

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