Backdating carers allowance

(See Appendix 2 for what constitutes "efforts") A person who claims One-Parent Family Payment is required to seek maintenance from her/his spouse /civil partner where civil partner is the parent of the child/ren or the other parent of the child. Vouched housing costs of up to €95.23 per week (rent or mortgage) may be offset against maintenance payments with half the balance of maintenance being assessed as means in establishing the rate of One-Parent Family Payment due.See " Liability to Maintain Family" and " Means Assessment" guidelines for more general information and detail on the assessment of maintenance as means.Special provisions – Circumstances where there is an entitlement beyond the youngest child’s relevant age (Domiciliary Care in payment, Customer recently bereaved): The cut-off point of youngest child that applies to OFP claims does not apply in certain circumstances (1). A One-Parent Family Payment is not payable while a person is in a relationship and cohabiting with someone of the opposite or same sex.

income from savings, investments, property etc) are calculated in accordance with Part 5 of Schedule 3 of the Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act 2005, as amended.

This aspect may have to be verified by a Social Welfare Inspector of the Department.

Under current legislation One-Parent Family Payment is not payable where a couple have joint equal custody of a child/ren.

'Relevant child' means a person who— Where a person has been married or registered in a civil partnership more than once, the condition of being widowed/ a surviving civil partner relates only to the last spouse/civil partner of the person.

However, a person who is divorced from his/her spouse or their civil partnership has been dissolved prior to death of spouse/civil partner, being a divorce or dissolution that is recognised as valid in the State, and had not remarried or entered into another civil partnership will qualify as a widow/er /surviving civil partner provided all other qualifying conditions are satisfied.

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