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That's when she stopped hooking up with him sexually.'Ms Pokarier's friend decided to go public about the alleged affair so the same thing would not happen again.

".'As soon as I got to the bathroom things did turn sexual.' - Smith was spotted having sex in a disabled toilet at Christchurch Airport- Witnesses reported seeing him spend 10 minutes inside with a woman- Smith then emerged wearing his All Blacks uniform- The woman followed shortly afterwards- He returned to his teammates smiling as if nothing had happened - The All Blacks were on their way to South Africa at the time- Smith made a tearful public apology and claimed the incident was a one-off - He was suspended from the next game - Text messages reveal a two-year affair between the pair, and show Smith asking the woman to lie about the incident But in the days after it became public the woman was hit by a flurry of vitriolic abuse online.'I've been called every name under the sun, a ho, a whore, a cheat myself...

and these are people who don't even know me,' she said.'I'd received death threats, I'd had people ringing my work.'But despite the seriousness of the threats the woman kept quiet, saying she feared ending the champion halfback's career and hurting the All Blacks if she spoke up.

And that evidently was also the concern of Smith after video of the toilet encounter emerged.

Seemingly scared that the woman may back down on her earlier promise to not go public, Smith offered her money to buy her silence, she claims.

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